Growing Great Games

About Octopus Tree

A division of Encore Publishing Group

Founded 2016

Located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

On the west coast of the United States stands a one of a kind tree called the Octopus Tree. A Sitka Spruce believed to be up to 300 years old, the Octopus Tree takes its name from its distinctive appearance. The tree measures 46 feet in circumference and has no central trunk. Instead, its limbs all extend horizontally outward and then straight up, giving it the appearance of a massive wooden octopus growing out of the ground.

The Octopus Tree is the perfect symbol for how we approach games. We do not approach video game development projects with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We are committed to working with each development team on individualized plans to bring their products to market. We nurture each product so it can become the best version of itself possible. We are also dedicated to working with developers with unique, creative ideas. We want games that turn familiar ideas on their head or bring us something we’ve never seen before.

We want to help independent games to become mighty and strong, but also unique and unlike anything else. We’re here to help independent developers craft their games into games that stand apart from the rest. Like hikers on the Oregon coast, we’re looking for the most unique trees in the forest. We are Octopus Tree.